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The term “social communication” is used to describe the communication skills that are needed in normal social intercourse according to the rules that govern routine interpersonal interactions. Over 2% of the European young people have social communication impairments. These youngsters:

- have difficulties to understand the meaning of what is being said;

- face challenges to use language appropriately in different social situations;

- are not able to follow the commonly accepted rules in everyday communication.



Welcome to our international training course focused on Social (Pragmatic) Communication Disorders

YMDRAB in partnership with:

- Latvian association of logopedists

- Asociatia Specialistilor in Terapia Tulburarilor de Limbaj din Romania

- Estonian Logopedists´ Union

- Lithuanian Logopedists’ Association

implement a project called "We can too". Its main aim is to provide professional training for people who work with youngsters with social (pragmatic) communication impairments.



“The magic to communicate” brought together 50 people who work with autistic youngsters in rural areas of Eastern Europe





Each autistic youngster has a unique personality. It is necessary to work with each person on an individual program suited to his/her specific problems and needs, in order to have a chance for normal development and successful integration into the educational system and society. Unfortunately, in the rural areas of Eastern Europe, youth workers often continue to work with autistic youngsters using outdated methodologies. The main reasons for this are the relatively limited access to quality information on the latest working methods and lack of international interaction and exchange between organisations involved in this mission.



YMDRAB brought together young Muslims and Christians in project "Stronger together: youth collaboration for interreligious solidarity"

13 young people from Municipality of Botevgrad and 13 young people from Municipality of Ardino participated together in the YMDRAB's project “Stronger together: youth collaboration for interreligious solidarity”. The main project activity took place between 3rd and 10th July in Kranevo village and aimed at gathering an equal number of Christian and Muslim youth in a neutral place to motivate and prepare them to work for the prevention and peaceful transformation of interreligious conflicts in the Bulgarian rural areas.



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