News about the project "NO to Poverty - YES to Labour".

Cleaning and processing of collected fruits and seeds - ostensibly simple task ... but not quite!









Very quickly we found that the forest business and afforestation activities are numerous specific and special aspects. In this we were convinced after the trainer explained that you can not just sow the collected seeds.



Collection of wild seed - a dream for a greener future, informal education and entertainment









Like all great and exciting journey begins with one small step in such a way  the creation of  nice and large forest begins with the collection of small seeds. The trainer told us, however, to grow from  them strong and healthy trees we should to collect high quality  seeds.



At the Annual International Youth Summer Camp was presented the project “NO to Poverty - YES to Labour”

From 16th to 22nd August 2010 was held International Youth Summer Camp organized by MIJARC Europe by project "To give a better image of our European villages” in Stronie, Poland. Attended by young people from Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, Poland and Bulgaria. During the Summer Camp, participants had to present realities in their rural areas. Representatives of YMDRAB during their presentation they presented the aims, objectives and activities of the "NO to Poverty – YES to Labour”, which generated great interest among participants.


Тhe project “NO to Poverty - YES to Labour” was presented at an international youth seminar in Regensburg, Germany



At a seminar “Which world do we want to live in? – European youth creates a fair and sustainable future for the world”, which was held from 18th to 20th June in Regensburg, Germany, representatives of YMDRAB presented the objectives, tasks and activities under the project “NO to Poverty - YES to Labour” to the other seminar participants from Germany, France, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Croatia, Ukraine and Kosovo.


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