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This activity was held in June. Events was realized in the forest nursery of State Forestry “Etropole” – “Malki Iskar”. There, in four visits we took part in various activities of grow a young forest trees. These events aim to provide better conditions for developing of crops and saplings and protect them from abiotic and biotic damage. Students gain practical knowledge and skills to perform the entire range of spring-forestry cultural activities carried out in nursery - planting, dive, mulching, shading, weeding, fertilizing, spraying, watering, mowing and cultivation.


In the nursery "Malki Iskar” expect traditional production of forest seedlings are practiced some new and modern methods. We took the opportunity and met with students:


I. Container production - it is used in the forest nursery in order to overcome seasonality in afforestation activities and to ensure better development of saplings.

Carefully we reviewed, practiced here container production of spruce, pine and cedar trees. Actively we helped the forest workers and as we filled the plastic containers with necessary substrate. We understood that unless reforestation produced seedlings can be used for decorative purposes;


II. Greenhouse Production – we looked greenhouse technology used in the nursery. Roma students realized that it’s used to intensive production of saplings of valuable seeds, for species affected by frost, and for shorten the manufacturing process. The both methods – container production and greenhouse, here are partially combined;


III. Production of pricked saplings - on the terrain we realized how at lower densities and for short time we can produce large-sized trees with well developed root system and aboveground part. Caused great interest in students the department for the production of Christmas trees. It is produced by large-sized pricked sets of slow-growing young coniferous species - fir, spruce, tuya, etc.



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