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Members of our organization actively involved in various international and national initiatives:

  1. General Assembly of MIJARC Europe. Vote on the moral and financial report for 2007, electing board members (European team) - Rozendaal, Netherlands, 3 people, 01 - April 4, 2008 – photos

  2. General Assembly of MIJARC World in Uganda - 2 people, May, 2008 - photos

  3. Youth summer cam - Project "Exploring Intercultural Understanding – Rural Youth Participation for Europe" organized by MIJARC Europe. Main activities: visit the European parliament in Brussels and EU institutions; Games for intercultural learning, citizenship Games - Midalkerk, Belgium, 6 people, 21 to 27 July, 2008 - photos

  4. Participation in international educational seminar "The European contribution to the concept of lifelong learning", organized by MRJC France. Main activities: Recognition of informal education, exchange of experience of formal education in Europe; Promoting lifelong learning and provide a good national projects - Angers, France, 1 person, 21-28 October 2008 - photos

  5. Participation in the “International Youth Forum - vision, values and action”, organized by Foundation Renovabis. 140 young people from 30 countries around the world discussed their views on education for sustainable development. The aim was to include the results of discussions at the World Conference of UNESCO at the seminar "Education for Sustainable Development" - Bonn, Germany, 2 persons, 23-25 January 2009 - photos

  6. Participation in the Working Groups “Agriculture, "Youth participation" and "Glocal” of MIJARC Europe, Project "From best practices to a common strategy: Cooperation for Sustainable Rural Development"organized by MIJARC Europe. Main activities: exchange of experience and best practice - Picardy, France, 3 people, 14-16 February 2009 - photos

  7. Campaign “You (th) can make the Europe of tomorrow” - elections for MEPs in June 2009. Campaign aimed at raising awareness and turnout among young people. The campaign included distribution of flyers with a wealth of information about the European Parliament proposals for Europe's youth in rural areas and meetings with candidates for MEPs (Iliana Yotova, Meglena Kuneva, Vladimir Uruchev), June 2009 - photos

  8. Youth summer camp - Project "Europe is a village”, organized by MIJARC Europe. Main activities: games to Europe, hiking, swimming, intercultural training, international evening, creative workshops (drawing, writing, photo, making postcards); meeting with MEP, exchange of experience with volunteers from MRJC France - Rufek France, 6 persons, 20 to 26 July 2009 - photos

  9. Training Session, including three working groups: "How to write projects and rise EU funds", “How to improve ecological practices in our areas connected to climate change" and "How to train young people in rural areas - informal education”, organized by MIJARC Europe - Ribamar, Portugal, 3 people, 11-13 December 2009 - photos

  10. Training course “Training Trainers for Human Rights Education with Young People”, organized by Council of Europe, Directorate of Youth and Sport – 1 person, European Youth Centre Budapest, 24 March-2 April 2010 - photos

  11. Establishment of a National Youth Council, Hissar, Bulgaria, 1 person, 11-14 March 2010 - photos

  12. Seminar "Sustainable Agriculture for Food Sovereignty, organized by MIJARC Europe - Strasbourg, France, European Youth Centre, 4 persons, 25-30 May 2010 - photos

  13. Seminar “In which world do we want to live? – European youngsters create a fair and sustainable future of the world”, organized by KLJB Germany, Regensburg, Germany, 2 people, 18-20 June 2010 - photos

  14. Seminar "Young people, local authorities and the media - together in a structured dialogue" organized by Dryanovo Municipality and Youth Club "Bulgaria" - Dryanovo 2 people, 5 to 7 July 2010 - photos

  15. Training course for multipliers of the „Youth in Action" Programme, organized by National Centre "European Youth Programs and Initiatives”; Varna, 2 people, 10-15 July 2010 - photos

  16. International Youth summer camp in the project "Improving the image of our European villages”, organized by MIJARC Europe. Main activities: games for citizenship, creative workshops, games for sustainable development, intercultural training, sport games, meeting with a candidate for MEP - Stronie, Poland, 5 persons, 16-22 August 2010 - photos

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