In conclusion ...

The process of development and implementation of our project did cost a lot of effort, care and dedication. Unemployment among Roma young people and environmental protection may seem very different issues. We are both from mountain villages where a lot of Roma people live and so we have been thinking of working on such an initiative for a long time! That’s exactly what this project has given us: a framework enabling us to work on both topics at the same time. We organized a wide range of forestry activities which made the children feel important to society. We are glad that we managed to help them learn useful lessons. We also had many exciting unforgettable experiences together.



It’s time for planting!









We wanted our afforestation to have a great public interest and importance. For this we chose a treeless forest land above the village Lopyan. With its afforestation we would create a forest for timber production and fruit, forest for protection, protecting the watershed of Lopyanskata river, forest for recreation to improve the landscape near the village and last but not least - forest for experimentation and research.



To make our village beautiful !


Initiated by the students themselves first we made their school beautiful. Formed green spots where we planted saplings of ornamental species - western and eastern tuya, juniper, boxwood, Holly Tree etc.. We collected and brought by river pebbles, which we painted in different colors. With them we formed a variety of colorful alleys in which we planted many flowers. Theold trees to be beautiful also we painted their trunks white. At the end we weed out and swept all the paths in the school yard.



Plant Hope!









Now we are fully prepared and it’s time to sow treated seeds to grow from them a young forest trees. Weather was also with us and "armed" with all sorts of tools - hoes, shovels, rakes, sod, we twice visited the forest nursery "Sinia Vir".



Cleaning and processing of collected fruits and seeds - ostensibly simple task ... but not quite!









Very quickly we found that the forest business and afforestation activities are numerous specific and special aspects. In this we were convinced after the trainer explained that you can not just sow the collected seeds.



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