“The magic to communicate” – a big international project focused on working with autistic youngsters

The number of young people with autism spectrum disorders in Europe is constantly increasing. This requires the workers who are involved in activities on behalf of the autistic youngsters continually to update their knowledge, attitudes and skills. Also it is necessary to have an active international interaction and exchange between organisations involved in this mission.

In response to these problems, YMDRAB in partnership with 4 organisations from different European countries implement a project named "The magic to communicate". Its main aim is professional training of Speech and language therapists from Eastern Europe for work with autistic youngsters and development of their cooperation for innovation and exchange of experience, skills and best practices.



Call for participants in project “Stronger together: youth collaboration for interreligious solidarity”

Dear Friends,

We are glad to invite you to take part in the next youth initiative that will be implemented by our organisation.

Please find here an Official Invitation for our project “Stronger together: youth collaboration for interreligious solidarity”. Here you can find an information in details about this exciting activity - aim, objectives, activities, participants profile, dates, venue and other practical information.

If you are interested to participate please fill in this Application Form and send it to us latest till 05.06.2015.

Do not miss this opportunity! We are waiting for you! See you!

This project is being implemented with financial support from Council of Europe by the European Youth Foundation.


The European Commission selected our project "Let me be One of You!" as one of the best 35 youth projects in Europe!






The European Commission organizes European Youth Week 2015. From 3 to 10 May many celebrating events and activities in Bulgaria were being led by the Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC) - see more here. The theme of the Week is encouraging and helping young people to take part in civil society and in the employment market.

During the European Youth Week the European Commission gave Youth Awards to the best projects funded by the “Youth in Action” and "Erasmus+" Programmes. Over 150 projects were nominated by National Agencies for these Youth Awards, as examples of outstanding practice in their particular area of activity. These have been shortlisted down to just 35 projects, one per country.

We are extremely proud and happy that our project "Let me be One of You!" is one of these best projects!!!



Тraining course "Bridges for ideas and practices" - unforgettable experience for youth workers from Eastern Europe





21% of the European youngsters suffer from some communicative problem. It could range from a usual stuttering, through some speech-language and hearing impairments and articulation disorders, to an inability to read and understand texts. The communication disorders have a strong negative psychological impact on young people - low self-esteem, fear, anxiety; or the opposite - hatred, aggression, tendency to negativity. The affected self-assessment, possibilities for socialization and daily living activity result in failure to integrate into the local communities' life. And here youth workers have a very important mission - they have to support young people in overcoming communication disorders and also to help their more active and successful inclusion into the educational system, labor market and social life.



A second consecutive project of YMDRAB was awarded a prize for quality implementation






The Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science and the Human Resources Development Center awarded YMDRAB for quality implementation of the project "Let me be One of You!" BG13/A4.3/012/R1 within "Youth in Action" Programme.

The official award ceremony of the best beneficiaries was held on 12.16.2014 in hotel "Sofia Hotel Balkan" during the Annual Valorisation Conference of programmes "Lifelong Learning", "Youth in Action" and "Erasmus +".



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